Heavy Duty Rack Designer

We suggest and design Heavy Duty Rack & Shelving Systems. The shelve designs provided by us are very robust and budget friendly. This designed heavy-duty rack system is a versatile storage system depending upon the use and different types of handling. We can design palletized racking like simple pallet racks by using forklift, high rise/high-density racking by using vertical aisle crane. Loading and unloading of the rack can be done by using the forklift. Long span racking by using the forklift or manual.

Our shelve designers can design the heavy duty shelves in such a way that, regardless of the type of goods, available space or specifications, these can adapt perfectly to meet your requirements.


More importantly, the design of the rack will complement and makes excellent use of the height of the warehouse. The higher levels in the system can be accessed using forklift trucks or stacker cranes that lift the order picker to the required height or through gangways between shelves. Our designed heavy duty storage racks are sturdy, low maintenance, and ultra-safe.

Some key feature of our Shelves Design

• Optimum and best utilization of storage space

• Stable, Scalable and Flexible design solutions

• Best possible beam sections arrangements to accommodate the most demanding loads

• Designed in such a way that it is easy to dismantle, relocate and reconfigure

• Adjustable shelving

• Wide range possible adaptation

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